Top 5 Upcoming Programs to Empower Your Entrepreneurs

It’s true: the Cookie Program is a fabulous fundraiser, powering girl-led adventures across our council and the country. But first and foremost, it’s a skill-building program that gives girls hands-on experience in what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, like teamwork, planning, and money management. As your troop prepares for the sale’s start in January, we encourage you to dive into the learning opportunities that the Cookie Program has to offer, and give your girls the tools they need to shine as girls and future leaders—no matter what path they take!

Cookie Captain Patch.png

Cookie Captain

Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors ready to expand their entrepreneurial adventure can take the lead by mentoring Cookie Rookies, helping at cookie events, assisting their Troop Cookie Managers, and beyond. To participate, girls must attend Cookie Captain Training on December 15th. Register here!

Cookie Rookie Patch.png

Cookie Rookie

Would your Daisies, Brownies, or Juniors appreciate a cookie season mentor who can show them the ropes, help them meet their girls, and celebrate their successes? Email Kaylie at to pair your troop with a Cookie Captain!


Financial Literacy Badge Nights and Troop Visits

Make sense of those dollars and cents! Money management and financial literacy are at the heart of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Build your girls’ skills at our upcoming badge nights, or invite a member of the Cookie Team to visit your troop and lead the girls through the financial literacy badge at their level. Pro tip: Schedule a parent/caregiver meeting at the same time, and let us take the girls while you enlist the support you need for cookie season! Email Kaylie at to set up a visit.


Digital Cookie Construction Day – January 6th

From coding to e-commerce, there’s no question that twenty-first century tech skills are key to today’s successful businesses, and the Cookie Program is no exception. At Digital Cookie Construction Day, girls of all levels will learn how to build and design a website while constructing their Digital Cookie sites, through fun activities led by communications and technology experts from the University of Arizona. All girls will head home with a Digital Cookie patch, and Cadettes will earn their Website Designer badge! Register now.

Cookie Rally Patch

Girl Scout Cookie Rally

Join us at your local Cookie Rally to sharpen those 5 Cookie Program Skills—Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics—and GET EXCITED for Cookie Season! It’s a fantastic celebration of Girl Scout sisterhood, and by the end of the day, girls will have earned their 2019 Cookie Activity pin! Don’t forget to grab your tickets in advance.


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