The Girl Scout’s Guide to Your Girl’s Guide

There’s no doubt about it: technology has its benefits. The Volunteer Toolkit and many other Girl Scout resources now live online, accessible on every type of device—and in our digital age, we’d expect nothing less! But there’s something to be said, too, for holding a hard copy of an important tool in your hands.

Take The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. Available for each Girl Scout grade level, these beautiful books are much more than three-ring binders with badgework inside. For one thing, unlike the Volunteer Toolkit, these guides are not geared toward volunteers. Instead, they’re all about girls—because that’s what Girl Scouting is all about!

The Girl’s Guides to Girl Scouting are the primary resource empowering girls to grab the reins and take the lead in their own Girl Scout experience.

Learn more about what’s hidden between these hardbound covers—and why every Girl Scout should keep her Girl’s Guide by her side.


The Handbook

Every Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting opens to a section called “The Handbook.” Uniquely designed for her grade level, the handbook section will open your girl’s eyes to Girl Scouting’s inspiring history while informing her of the many adventures and opportunities that lie ahead. Beginning with the Girl Scout Promise and Law on the inside cover, this part of the Girl’s Guide provides an insightful, beautifully-illustrated introduction to Girl Scout traditions, holidays, founding principles, and global connections, as well as a snapshot of what your girl can expect to do and achieve at this level in Girl Scouting.

For example: Does your Daisy know that she’s a member of a global Girl Scout family 10 million strong? Does your Junior know where all of her pins and badges go, or what those stars below her troop number mean? Is your Cadette aware of all the exciting leadership opportunities and awards that become available as she bridges into older Girl Scouting? Now she will, thanks to this key component of the Girl’s Guide!

Though much of this information can be found online, nowhere else is it organized all together and written in age-appropriate, girl-friendly language. And of course, you can’t do a Google search if you don’t know what you’re looking for! The Girl’s Guide delivers a wealth of knowledge directly into your girl’s hands before she even knows she needs it.

This is also the section where your girl can keep a record of her Girl Scout journey. The Badge and Award Log will help her keep track of when and where she earned particular petals and badges, as well as help her chart her progress through Girl Scout Leadership Journeys and Take Action projects.



If you’ve ever quickly browsed through a Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting before, the “Badges” section is the one you may remember best. It opens with a fold-out chart of the Girl Scout Legacy Badges, capturing all of the different skills, activities, passions, and interests your girl can explore and earn badges for in one handy-dandy visual aid.

The badgework itself lives in this section, too. Once she (or her troop) has chosen which badges she’ll work on next, your girl will find the supplies and lists of steps she’ll need to complete in order to earn them. And because the Girl’s Guides are three-ring binders, it’s super simple for your girl to pop some pages out and take them with her on a field trip or camping trip. Likewise, as new badges are released, it’s easy to print them or purchase them, and then pop ’em in alongside the others.

In the Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador versions of the guide, this is also where the Highest Award packets live, containing everything your girl needs to know about going for her Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award. Again, some of this information lives online, and our Highest Awards program coordinator is always happy to share her expertise with girls and their families. But only in the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting can girls find everything they need (including checklists, charts, and blank pages for brainstorming) instantly at their fingertips.


My Girl Scouts

Which brings us to the final section of the guide, “My Girl Scouts.” The Girl’s Guides to Girl Scouting are not only full of useful information, they’re also fully customizable. For starters, the community service log in this section will help your girl keep track of her impact on the world around her (and will come in handy when she’s ready to fill out college applications).

But most of all, this section is intended to help your girl capture her individual Girl Scout experience—as special and unique as she is. She’ll find stickers, scrapbook materials, and different self-reflection activities at each level, all of which will transform her Girl’s Guide from a helpful resource into a beautiful memory book. Whether she’s writing a letter to herself as a Brownie or creating a time capsule as a Cadette, in this section your Girl Scout will be able to reflect in the moment on what she is learning and how she is growing, as well as look back fondly when she is older and witness her progression through Girl Scouting.

This is why it’s so important for each Girl Scout to own her own copy of The Girl’s Guide, and to add each level’s guide to her collection as she grows older: these guides are designed to support, inspire, and empower girls throughout their individual Girl Scout journeys. No two Girl Scouts’ paths to a lifetime of leadership, success, and adventure looks the same—and no two Girl’s Guides are used the same way or capture the same badges earned, awards achieved, or memories made.


To purchase a copy of The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting…

You can shop online right now!

You are also welcome to visit our Girl Scout Shops in Tucson, Yuma, or Sierra Vista, and explore these fantastic resources up-close and in-person. You’ll find shop hours and locations at the link above.



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